Fashion tips, styling and make-up for men

Today we are going to wonder about the reasonableness of the styling and fashion tips for men, but also bring up the issue of men’s make-up.

Some people still people believe that a man who asks the stylist for advice is actually unmanly. But I guess that such judgement is quite unfair. We want our man to look trendy and smart, so why don’t we let them to consult a specialist? Women are usually natural born styling advisers, they seem to be self-sufficient as far as giving fashion tips is concerned, but men have got more objectives and sometimes it is easier for them to ask a stranger about some fahion tips than their girl. Thus, I would not comment on that and appreciate that they are doing their best to appeal to us. Luckily, more and more people understand that it does not comes down to being „feminine”.

While following specialists’ advices when it comes to fashion tips or styling becomes nothing exceptional today, the idea of make-up is still the cynosure of all eyes. This is a very personal matter, however, most of women would agree that prim and well-groomed man means not neceassirly the same as a man with a make-up. What is so attracting in the opposite sex is the contrast beetwen it an us. The morning argument about the foundation has nothing in common with sex-appeal. Thus, although we love trig and well-dressed boys and we say yes to following fashion tips or styling cues of the specialists, we would rather not kiss the lip gloss under the moustache!

Brands of shoes that dictate the trends

Hello there. Last time we dealt with the subject of shoe trends and some fashion tricks that can be achieved by means of them.

Today we are going to wonder which shoe brands are the best ones as those which take care not only about the latest trends, but also about your health, comfort, and the quality of materials.


As far as the sport shoe brands are concerned, no one would have any doubts about the leading ones. Adidas, Puma, Fila, Nike, Reebok, Converse, K-Swiss, DC or Keds are still on top. It is due to their easily recognizable style, lightness and being trendy, but what should be actually the most important thing to be taken into account is the fact, that the army of specialists is hired in these companies to make sure that the shoes really cooperate with you and are feet-friendly. No wonder that they are promoted and actually used by sportsmen and sportswomen. Thus, it might be really worth considering if investing in these brands is not advantageous despite their often high price.


If aforementioned shoes offer something both for men and women, smart shoes brands are often a bit more specialised. Thus, if you wonder which shoe brands for men are the trends oracles, we can recommend you John Lobb Wroxham, Trickers, Herring Shoes, Loake or Barker as their prices are not too inflated for really high quality.

Women also have a wide range of good brands to choose from. Sergio Rossi, Giuseppe Zanotti, Lasocki, Deichmann, Burberry, Gucci – these brands offer shoes worth their price and you can be sure that the shoes will serve you for years.

However, if you cannot or do not want to afford these famous or popular brands, feel free to search for new and promising producers. Very often they have really a bunch of amazing shoes in their offer, but always make sure that the materials which have been used are natural! You will avoid unpleasant smell and other problems.

Shoes – trends and fashion tricks

We all know the stories about celebrities that own hundreds pairs of shoes. Obviously, one could name such hobby wastefulness or stupid frenzy. However, probably most of us would do exactly the same if just was given the opportunity. Why are the shoes so addictive? The answer seems to be extremely simple: shoes make it possible to make countless fashion tricks. Don’t you believe? Let us just think for a while.

Wear high heels to your jeans and believe us, in the eyes of 100% of people you will look more sexy and higher, you legs will elongate and all men will scope you out! This is one of the fashion tricks as old as the hills, but if you wish to add some breath of fresh air to this surefire recipe for perfect look, just change your hills for high platforms. The effect will be similar and you will be more switched on. Shoes on platforms are incessantly on top.

One of the most fresh trends of this season are laced shoes. There are not many fashion tricks that make foot and legs look so extremely sexy as lacing. But watch out! This solution works only if you have got slim legs. Girls that are plump should rather invest in Cossacks. They are also trendy this season!

And if you would like to transfigure into the careless schoolgirl and knock a few years off, just try sneakers or gym shoes. Again, they look especially well with the universal jeans (hey, maybe just jeans that are the key to success? ;) ) Moreover, theses shoes are simply good for your health!

Hot pants or mini-skirt? Outfit tips to make the best of both

If you have ever wondered what is better – hot pants or mini skirt – today in our outfit tips we will try to answer that long-time question. And the answer will depend on what actually is your criterion.


 Well, both hot pants and mini skirts are undeniably sexy. However, the fact that in pants more body is covered is not tantamount to saying that it is less sensual. The rule: “less is more” proves to be true in this case. The curvaceousness are even more visible in hot pants. The miniskirt can be extremely sexy too, however, its sexiness is more obvious. Although, using certain fashion tricks, you can make both outfits luscious, we believe hot pants, especially when combined with high heels, are the lethal mixture of sex appeal.


It is difficult to speak about smartness in case of mini skirt and hot pants at all. However, by the means of some outfit tips you can make these two pieces of clothing relatively smart providing that both will be not extremely short. Well, there are some fashion tricks to compose an elegant – like outfit. First of all, you have to balance the short length of skirt or pants by the long jacket or cardigan. Secondly, the shoes should be also toned-town. Also the rest of you image should be gentle. The make-up should not be too brassy, the same with hair-do. Follow these outfit tips and you may reach some level of elegance. It will be slightly higher with the mini-skirt. If you want hot pants to become elegant, remember that they should be made of material.

Some fashion tricks or outfit trends can help you with modifying the character of a mini skirt or hot pants. However, they are still one of the most seductive clothes in the history of fashion.

The latest beauty trends and styling tips

Here we go again with the next handful of styling tips for this season. After collecting the latest news about beauty and make-up trends from this week we are eager to announce you that we are going to observe a few revivals this season!

  • Polishes, lady-like hair are the dernier cri. Top hair-stylists are of the opinion that despite appearances, such hair-do is not so difficult to achieve. All you need to have is a thickening hair-spray, oil-spray and bobby pins. For more styling tips about retro-hair you you had better ask the specialist – we mean, your grandmother – and this is not a joke!
  • The new colour reigning on catwalks is deep burgundy. It is distinctive, sexy and feminine, so there is a chance that it will be something more than just a passing fad!
  • Floral patterns are going to rule this fall. It does not matter if you have got shoes, trousers, blouse or jacket with flowers imprinted on them – flowers in bloom are just hot and each piece of clothing with flowers on them is ok!
  • All fashion styling tips hang around lurex this fall. This material was left on a shelf for a while, but it is having a revival right now, so maybe it would be goof idea to plunder mother’s old trunks?
  • Make-up trends are all about one delicious tidbit right now: the comeback of chocolate make up. Brown shades are extremely sensual and give a healthy look to your skin. And, what is perhaps the most important, it always looks good, regardless of the currents trends!

Next week we will try to decide what is more chic nowadays – hot pants or short miniskirt – and give you some styling tips about both of them.

The shoe fashion news and highlights – autumn/winter 2012

Speaking about autumn/winter highlights of this year, one has to mention footwear. The latest fashion news concerning shoes oscillate around classics.


The most visible change in this season is the return of the “sharp” toes; but we can also observe the comeback of “pumps” and a low, stable heels. We have also certain fashion tip related to this “back to classics” – do not hesitate to wear your mum’s wedgies from the crazy 70′s. Wedge-heeled shoes are actually the hottest fashion news of this season – they look well in almost all kind of footwear and make you feel comfortable and stable, which is not without meaning if you want to feel convenient. However, the platform is still up-to date, but it should be at least 4 cm-high. Otherwise it looks funny, and after all, the purpose of platform is to lengthen your legs!


Although this autumn and winter we are allowed to wear shoes of various heels heights, extremely high heels are slowly left on the shelf. The only fashion tip that you should follow this season is to avoid outrageously high heels. It makes even more sense if we take into account our safety on the autumn or winter road. Moreover, there is a great revival of “Cossack” boots – comfortable leather or suede shoes on a square, low heel. But if they seem to “massive” to you, feel free to choose something totally different, yet still on top in the latest fashion news – spike heels with a “sharp” toe.

Stay tuned for more fashion news from the realm of shoes!

Winter fashion 2012 – what will be hot?

Winter connotes everything but heat. However, it is not an excuse – still, you must be hot and we will prompt you to achieve this!

There are some universal trends that look well and at the same time fulfil a practical function every winter: woollen scarves, thick sweaters and knitwears of all kinds. However, if you want to make sure that your styling has something in common with winter fashion 2012, you should bear mind these trends that do change every season or appear as new.

Firstly, as we have already written in the post Fashion news 2012 – fall/winter highlights, what is going to make you stand out of the crowd this winter season is the lively, vivid colour of your clothes – preferably, cobalt. This colour is the ultimate no 1. in this winter fashion. However, you will still look fashionable if you wear Tangerine Tango, Pink Flambé, Rose Smoke, Honey Gold or Ultramarine Green . But not only hot colour is a determinant of a hot look this winter!

Remember about other must-have items of this winter fashion: the feminine and subtle silk and satin blouses and faux leather look leggings and jackets. But remember – do not team such leggings with tight tops and shoes different than heels or boots! This will look tacky. The whole mentioned set of leggings, jacket and silk blouse looks great, but do not forget that it is winter and you must complete these stylisation with an obligatory, long cardigan! If you add some layers of your clothes, you will definitely be the queen of winter fashion 2012.

How the stars are cheating? – fashion tricks!

Every big girl knows that stars’ fabulous look is totally dependant on the fashion tricks made up by their stylist and entourage of their helpers. But have you ever wondered which tricks are their favourite ones? Let us have a closer look at those – sometimes dubious, sometimes useful – styling tips that could be given by celebrities (or, rather, their stylists).

Let us start from the simplest way to make your look more fresh and younger, that is… white teeth. Every celebrity cares about the absolutely perfect smile. The whiter, the better. That one of the simplest styling tricks makes every person look much younger and you can also do yourself a favour by taking this trick into account. But never, never do this on your own, unless you like hazard, pain, and cracked tooth enamel. Oh, there is one more thing – take care about being tanned and be sure that the contrast between the whiteness of your teeth and your brown skin will enhance this star look – like effect.

 Another hoax is also one of the most often exploited fashion tricks ever – namely, the… slimming pants. This magical underwear “irons” every muffin top and makes you look like a model. Reportedly, it is not harmful for the squeezed internal organs. Well, we have not heard about death caused by pants, so perhaps this fashion trick is also worth trying.

However, the hottest slimming trend nowadays relates not to the things unseen under the clothes, but to the visible trick outside. Clothes, usually dresses, are often designed in a way that makes you look even slimmer. Stars fell in love with that optical illusion:

But if we knew all the fashion tricks used by stars, we all would look like them

Fashion tips, styling, make up – whose advice should we follow?

Despite appearances, not every fashion, styling or make up tip to be found in newspapers or on the internet is worth taking into account.

The cheapest women’s magazines usually hire incompetent writers for advice columns, and their fashion tips are often unverified or ectypal. Those columns, which are devoted to make-up or styling tips can also do more harm than good. You must bear in mind that the newspapers are often paid by the adveriser clients. The miraculous cosmetics do not have to be necessarily as brilliant as the editors convince you they are but as good as their makers want them to seem. If they are nor attuned to to your skin complexion, they can even eacerbate its condition.

Beware of all the fashion tips given to you by badly turned out people and by those whose good faith is questionable. Also, do not follow all the make up or styling tips coming from those internet pages, that seem to be not professional. After all, it is all about your look and appearance.

Thus, if you want to be absolutely sure, that your make-up and styling are perfect, take the following fashion tips into your consideration:

1. You are your own best advisor. You know yourself and you know in what kinds of clothes, make up or styling you feel comfortable. If you feel freely in your skin and clothes, you always look like a star, that is the well-know and old truth.

2. Listen to people, whom you trust. Those, who compliment you too often may not be honest. Moreover, we usually do not see ourselves from the right perspective. Your mum’s or sister’s remarks may be simply sincere, not malicious.

3. Invest in the opinion of a specialist. Dermatologists, stylists, make-up artists are paid for their knowledge and they care about their public image. Thus, their tips really matter.

4. Seek for the fashion tips in the fashion magazines or at the stylist, not tabloids. Do not listen your friend, but the beauty specialist as far as the make-up is concerned.

5. Get interested in the classical canons of fashion. They are always hot!


Fashion news 2012 – fall/winter highlights

You do not feel like spending the evening in quest of the concise and up-to-the-minute fashion news, yet you want to be fashionable this autumn?

Do not worry, we have prepared a brief overview of the latest must-have fall/winter 2012 fashion news and trends.


In its annual report, Pantone, Inc, the world authority on colour, predicts which colours will reign on the catwalks and which will haute in the streets. Thus, if you want the content of your wardrobe to be up-to-date, you had better equip it with clothes in colours recommended by that colour trends oracle: vibrant Pink Flambé, veiled Rose Smoke, mellow Honey Gold, deep Ultramarine Green or robust French Roast. Among other colours being featured in the Autumn 2012 catwalks there are Bright Chartreuse and Olympian Blue. (Oh, and there is cobalt. Please, notice – although it is one-word „cobalt”, yet still not just „blue”. If you are really keen on fashion news, you are expected to know all the names and differences this season.)

But it is the vivacious Tangerine Tango that was chosen the Color of The Year and it is also highly demanded in make-up. A little accent on your lips, nails or cheeks will make you look really hot this year. Nevertheless, there are much more make-up trends emerging from the 2012 fashion weeks. One of the hottest trends, as far as the fashion 2012 is concerned, are the paintbox-hued eyes and strong, geometric, exaggerated lines. Thus, black liquid liner seems to be a must in every handbag. However, expressive eye make-up requires the rest to be simple and mellow. In that case, forget about Tangerine Tango.


Do not forget about adding the finishing touch by variety of hair accessories of all possible kinds! They can embellish your polished and precise ponytails, strands left free around your shoulders, fringes or windswept up-dos.

And when you finish with your hair-do, the last thing to do is to add some glitter. Sumptuous jewellery should adorn not only your body, but clothes as well. Huge stones sewed around the necks of jackets and sweaters are necessary, if you really want to keep up with fashion news. Now, you can conquer the world!